(12) Sulzer P7150 B390 N2 EP RD1

(12) Sulzer P7150 B390 N2 EP RD1

Reinforced Version for Heavy Fabrics

Year:  2000


EP Positive Cam Dobby

Each Loom complete with the following: 

10 levers installed

5 with 8 frames installed

6 with 10 frames installed

1 with 6 frames installed

Approximately 10,000 heddles and dropwires installed

2 - IRO Luna Accumulators

19 - Projectiles per machine

Electronic weft monitor

2 with 3620mm guide teeth

6 with 3560mm guide teeth

4 with 3530mm guide teeth

Electronic Let Off

Auto Leveling

Automatic pick finding

1000mm Warp Beam Flanges

2 split beams per machine

2 cloth rolls per machine

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