(16) Sulzer PS Looms 360cm ES PS E6

(16) Sulzer PS Looms 360cm ES PS E6

6 cams with 4 harness frames

Electronic let off,  ELectragear 111: 1, ¾ hp engine and variable speed DC drive, 1.5 single width beams

MyLUBE lubrication systems 11 DS

1 IRO Quarz PP or HD10 PP weft accumulator

Loefpe weft brake SFB-L

side tucking and 1 center tucker each loom

off loom take up with 1 gear box driven 2 roll surface wind, with gear box driven upper press roll for tight packed rolls


6 machines set up on leno, avg of 1700 Grob leno heddles on each


440V (for loom) (220 V for unwinder and winder)

looms operating at speeds from 235-250rpm depending on product type


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