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Companies operating in the carpeting industry will be thrilled to see our selection of machines and parts including used carpet tufting machinery and equipment. You can get a great deal at wholesale prices from a reputable company that is able to obtain a high quality used equipment that can help save money and time. We have vast resources that allow us to have access to top-quality machinery that can provide you with the processes you need to complete the production of carpet and other similar items. These machines are invaluable to those operating within this particular market and can prove to be a key part of production and company growth. This is a great opportunity for those who operate within this industry. Visit the website or reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members to get more information about our operation and products.

At Coker & Associates, we also buy-sell and trade machinery. If you currently have machinery that you want to sell, you can contact us to set up an appointment for an appraisal or to get more details about how we conduct our business. We also have the ability to trade machinery, which can be a huge benefit to companies who change their type of products or who want to expand into a different market or production. If you are currently interested in buying, selling, or trading industrial textile machinery, you should reach out to one of our associates today to find out more about our business. You can also check out our website if you would like to see what our current products and services are including a current list of inventory along with pictures and descriptions.

Find used tufting machines and equipment for your business on the Coker & Associates website or contact one of our helpful associates so we can work with you to help you meet your goals for production. We make shopping for textile machinery fast and easy with our user-friendly website and helpful team members. You can count on us to provide you with quality products that you can use to grow or maintain your current business. If you work within the carpet industry, you can find a wide range of equipment and parts to help make a business run smoothly. One of our specialties is used tufting machines and equipment. It's a better option than spending more on brand new equipment. We only deal with quality used products to ensure our customers get the most for their money. If you are currently in the market for this particular machine or something similar, you should check out the inventory tab on our website where you will find a wide array of machines and equipment to fit your needs.

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